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محطة pos الروبوت

محطة pos الروبوت

Features Of Our GT90 Handheld Android POS Terminal

July 23,2021.

With the development and progress of science and technology, various industries have entered an era of mobile Internet and intelligence. Starting from smart phones, to smart TVs, smart homes, smart cars and even smart cities, intelligence has subverted all traditional industries. The field of mobile payment is no exception. With the rise of third-party payment and Bank Link’s deployment of non-flash payment, the payment methods that people can choose now become more diversified. As a merchant, POS terminal equipment has also evolved from traditional to intelligent in order to keep up with the times, and a smarter Internet POS has emerged.

Some people in the industry believe that traditional POS is likely to disappear within the next three years. Although somewhat exaggerated, it is by no means alarmist. Looking at the multi-functional requirements of POS terminals in offline physical stores, offline merchants have indeed entered the era of smart POS. Today we will learn more about the features and advantages of our GT90 handheld android pos terminal.

Streamlined design, beautiful appearance

First of all, in terms of appearance, our handheld smart POS machine is only slightly larger than the 4.7-inch iPhone, and the screen is a 5-inch capacitive touch screen. In terms of design, GT90 breaks through the rigidity and old-fashioned of traditional POS machines, adopting a streamlined design, and the first impression it gives is really beautiful.

Aggregate payment is powerful

The GT90 handheld android pos terminal also performs very comprehensively in terms of functions. First, it supports a variety of payment methods in terms of basic functions, including magnetic card readers, NFC, and smart card readers.

For consumers, no matter which payment method they use, they only need to pull out their bank card (mobile phone) to complete the payment in a short time; for cashiers, the built-in system and application of the POS terminal can be very simple To help them complete the cashier work, only a few simple steps can complete a transaction.

Suitable for many occasions

Whether it is an ordinary retailer, a hospital or a restaurant, you can use our android smart pos. We are dedicated to providing quality pos device for customers.

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